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So Complicated

First single from album "Soul of Glass"

Hardcore Lover

Second single from album "Soul of Glass

Soul of Glass

Third single from the album "Soul of Glass"

Soul of glass cover

Soul of Glass

Debut album for "Tearsun" Is now available. For a CD copy, Fill out the form below with your details and we will contact you shortly.

About Tearsun

For Tearsun, music serves as the perfect escape. Through their own brand of emotive Pop Rock, They seeks to propel listeners on the perfect journey, filled with its ups and downs, while allowing you to feel every single fibre of the multi-layered meanings contained within his songs.

Tearsun is the alias of Mark Aberle, Nathan Hegarty and Jason Gossner.

An Alternative Pop Rock project hailing from Newcastle, Australia. Echoing influence from Rob Thomas, INXS, Matchbox 20, Savage Garden and Vertical Horizon.

Tearsun places their own spin on the genre, taking the ‘earworm’ and ‘groove’ factor of the aforementioned acts and combining them with their own personal empathic tendencies. Above all, it’s music that bodes well with those looking for a soundtrack to help them weather the storm and find inner peace.

Mark got his start in music singing in school choirs, and discovered his joy for creative writing and poetry early. Guitar and piano became a natural extension of his talents, and he would spend countless hours each night chipping away at perfecting his craft. By 19, he had already published his first professional recording, with help from good friend and co-producer, Jason. Fast forward to today, and Mark has now released his debut album, amidst a barrage of personal struggles.

Nathan (aka “Heg”) is a (mostly) Rhythm Guitarist based in Newcastle NSW. He’s been playing guitar for over 20 years both on stage and off. His influences are varied – mainly on the heavier side of music – but he draws on many different musical styles in order to create a guitar soundscape that perfectly serves the music and the vision Tearsun is creating. With a crispy rhythm guitar sound and soaring yet smooth leads, he balances out the bands sound nicely.

Soul of glass cover


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